I want to let everyone know that you can view the Music Concert Movies that I’ve recorded for free. You can get to them by clicking on the Music tab on my main page and making your way to the Gallery that you are interested in. Please feel free to share these movies with your friends and families.  I have sorted the movies to the end of every gallery where they are stored along with their picture counterparts. If you hover over the preview picture you will see that the movies are labeled as such.

It takes a while to upload these movies and any movies over 3 GB have to be split up. You will see these movies split with an a, b etc. after the movie number. Keep checking back as I continue to add current concerts and older ones. I hope you enjoy seeing these videos as often as you’d like. Plus these are great to share with family and friends that couldn’t be at the concert. This is especially true for the Carl Sandburg Holiday Concert that has limited seating and requires tickets.

Click on any one of the four pictures to be taken to the gallery that hosts these pictures and videos.  These pictures represent last weeks most recent concerts/competitions.

For a quick link to the "Music" tab, click "Music" in the menu below.

By Teresa Dorey